Mental Health Overview

It is estimated that 6-7% of population suffers from Mental and behavioral disorder. Together these disorders account for 12% of the global burden of disease and an analysis trends indicates this will increase by 15% by 2020. One in four families is likely to have at least one member with behavioral or mental disorder. The history of psychiatric facility in West Bengal dates back to around 1787 with the formal establishment of Lunatic Asylum for the Europeans in Kolkata. In 1817, European Lunatic Asylum was established which was later renamed as Bhowanipore Mental Observation Ward and at present known as Institute of Psychiatry. At present, mental health care service is provided by the following institutions which are: -
  • Six (6) Govt. run Mental Hospitals.
  • Psychiatric Units of eleven (11) Govt. Medical College & Hospitals.
  • Psychiatric Deptt. of 16 District Hospitals.
  • 7 Sub-Divisional Hospitals, 1 BPHC and 3 RH under DMHP.
  • NGOs run Psychiatry OPD under joint venture scheme in 5 Hospitals.

  • Draft Policy forPsychiatric Rehabilitation Of long staying patients in State run Mental Hospitals