Technical Support

  • To be effective the Mission needs a strong component of Technical Support.
  • This would include reorientation into public health management.
  • Reposition existing health resource institutions, like Population Research Centre (PRC), Regional Resource Centre (RRC), State Institute of Health & Family Welfare (SIHFW).
  • Involve NGOs as resource organizations.
  • Improved Health Information System.
  • Support required at all levels: National, State, District and sub-district.
  • Mission would require two distinct support mechanisms - Programme Management Support Centre and Health Trust of India.

Programme management support centre

  • For Strengthening Management Systems-basic programme management, financial systems, infrastructure maintenance, procurement & logistics systems, Monitoring & Information System (MIS), non-lapsable health pool, etc.
  • For Developing Manpower Systems - recruitment (induction of MBAs/CAs/ MCAs), training & curriculum development (revitalisation of existing institution & partnerships with NGO & private sector), motivation & performance appraisal, etc.
  • For Improved Governance - decentralisation & empowerment of communities, induction of IT based systems like e-banking, social audit and right to information.

Health trust of India

  • Proposed as a knowledge institution, to be the repository of innovation research & documentation, health information system, planning, monitoring & evaluation, etc.
  • For establishing Public Accountability Systems - external evaluations, community based feedback mechanisms, participation of PRIs/NGOs, etc.
  • For developing a framework for pro-poor innovations.
  • For reviewing Health Legislations.
  • A base for encouraging experimentation and action research.
  • For inter & intra Sector Networking with National and International Organisations.
  • Think Tank for developing a long-term vision of the Sector & for building planning capacities of PRIs, Districts, etc.